Candlelight Celebration at Colorado State UniversityThe First Generation University Initiative is a group of staff and faculty members who have volunteered to organize, collaborate across departments, develop strategies, brainstorm outreach opportunities, and provide support for all our first-generation college students.

Since its formation, this group has been able to host panel discussions, luncheons, and receptions in recognition of first generation status. This group also works to highlight first generation faculty and their stories.

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First Generation faculty and allies at Colorado State University will actively contribute to fostering an inclusive  and welcoming climate for First Generation student success.


To identify and involve faculty who are first generation college graduates and first generation allies, to support in the engagement and success of First Generation students at Colorado State University

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Education Abroad: Making It Happen!

The First Generation University Initiative hosted its inaugural Education Abroad informational session for first generation students and the CSU community

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The Start of The First Gen University Initiative

This group was initially formed after a surge of interest when Tony Frank asked faculty to identify if they were first generation college graduates. You can read the original statement here.

Tony Frank speaking at the President's fall address

Hey Faculty! If you’re a  First Generation College Graduate you can get a cool pin and door sticker too! Stop by the VP for Diversity office to get yours today.

Paul Thayer poses with First Generation sticker and pin